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Experts agree...

“If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong.”
- Dr. Mehmet Oz

The National Qigong Association is the premier membership organization for qigong. Be a part of the Qi Flow and the Qi Excitement that is moving through our country. The mission of the NQA is "Enhancing and nourishing the quality of life through Qigong for all."

The NQA Offers Members a Conference Scholarship

The Board of Directors and the Membership Committee have created the Janet Sullivan Conference Scholarship Fund. Offering half and full tuition scholarships for our annual national conference, this fund was created to honor our past president Janet Sullivan’s memory and her dedication to the NQA. This scholarship is made possible through the generous contributions of NQA members and friends of Janet. Read more...

Contribute to the Janet Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Five Treasures Qigong from our Discovering Qigong DVD

5 Treasures

Suggested donation is $10.00 and includes shipping.

The National Qigong Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, IRS “tax-exempted” organization. Your donation may be considered a tax-deductible charitable contribution under the Internal Revenue Code. We encourage you to consult with your tax professional to determine the extent of the tax deductible status of your donation.

This DVD was originally created to reduce the stress associated with 9/11. If you are unable to donate please contact the NQA office at info@nqa.org or call 888-815-1893.

NQA Conference News:

  • The NQA’s 20th Annual Conference Over the past 20 years, the National Qigong Association has hosted some amazing teachers, thrown some great parties and shared Qigong with the community in an ever broadening circle. For our 20th Anniversary, we have some very special things in store! Please join us for a weekend of learning, sharing and wonderful fellowship as we celebrate what the ...


  • QiGong Healer Certification Program Contact Name Madeline Marchell Contact Email qihealer@clinicalqigong.com Contact Phone 908 581-9061 Event Title QiGong Healer Certification Program Event Location The Chambers Center for Wellbeing 435 South Street Morristown, New Jersey Event Date April 10-12, 17-19, May 3 Start Time Fridays 5:30, Sat&Sun 9, May 3 Practicum 1 End Time Fridays 9, Sat&Sun 5, May 3 Practicum 6 Web site with event info https://qihealer.wordpress.com/ www.clinicalqigong.com Brief Event Description This program integrates Eastern wisdom with Western science based on sound principles of psychology, energy anatomy, ...
  • Year of Sheep Qigong & Daoist Retreat Contact Name Michael Rinaldini Contact Email lichangdao@gmail.com Contact Phone 707 829-1855 Event Title Year of Sheep Qigong & Daoist Retreat Event Location Cazadero, north of San Francisco. Event Date 04/30/2015 Start Time 03:00 pm End Time 02:00 pm Web site with event info www.qigongdragon.com Brief Event Description Annual qigong and Daoist retreat at secluded retreat center by shifu Michael and the American Dragon Gate Lineage.
  • Ireland, Qi Gong and herbs Contact Name Cynthia Graham RN, BSN Contact Email cynthia@nursenaturalpath.com Contact Phone 832443-8113 Event Title Ireland, Qi Gong and herbs Event Location Dublin, Ireland through Cork, Galway, other interesting sites and back to Dublin. Event Date 08/29/2015 Start Time 10:00 am End Time variable Web site with event info http://nursenaturalpath.com Brief Event Description Cynthia Graham (RN, BSN, Qi Gong Instructor) and Steven Foster (40 year Herbalist, Author) will guide you around the Emerald Isle practicing ...

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