National Qigong Association has partnered with NAMASTA to allow NQA members a discount on NAMASTA Membership. A NAMASTA membership will provide NQA members the access to liability insurance, health benefits and business services that NAMASTA offers. The National Qigong Association and NAMASTA are the leading membership organizations that help Qigong, Tai Chi and mind-body professionals like you find abundance, peace of mind and nurturing community support.

As a Qigong professional, you face issues that may include:
• finding affordable health and liability protection for yourself
• saving on your business needs
• reconciling the need to thrive, with the ethical pursuit of your professional dream

NQA and NAMASTA offers access to the resources to take your practice to the next level and to build your dream.

National Qigong Association members can access liability insurance, health benefits and business service through Namasta membership.  NQA members receive $25 off a new NAMASTA Associate Membership ($75 instead of $99) and $45 off a new NAMASTA Professional Membership ($154 instead of $199).

Join the NQA and NAMASTA today and reap the benefits!

NAMASTA - NQAoffers access to affordable liability insurance to our US members of all mind-body modalities. Visit the NQA Partnership page for more information.


Special Announcement for our Canadian members: NAMASTA members in Canada now can access comprehensive liability insurance program for only $200 CDN. This liability insurance is available with several coverage options for Tai Chi and Qigong practitioners. Once you have become a member of NAMASTA, you may apply for this coverage immediately.