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Denise Douglass, Doctor of Medical Qigong (China)

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Event Title
Medical Qigong: International Beginners Workshop

Event Location
St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin

Event Date
Saturday & Sunday, 08/15/15 and 8/16/15

Start Time
9:00 am

End Time
2:00 pm

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Brief Event Description
This is a 2 day beginner’s workshop in Medical Qigong which includes 2 days of training, 2 Medical Qigong balancing treatments, taught by 2 doctors.

* How does energy impact our lives?
* Feel energy yourself!
* Learn some basics of Chinese medicine. * Practice Medical Qigong exercises that can help you feel better & more balanced!

Send your email address to: for a course invitation or call 715-441-2628.